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How it works

Understand Beta Family in 90 seconds

Set up a test in minutes, and improve your product with real user feedback!

Make sure that your user experience is the best that it can be with Beta Family's powerful and easy to use testing tools and community of 50000 testers. Set up your test in minutes and watch as your app is tested and scrutinized by real testers. Run a test for free or sign up for a testing plan to access our most experienced testers.

task 1

1. Tasks - what the testers should do?

Do you want your testers to play around with your app, or do you have a specific set of tasks that you what the testers to perform? Our platform has suggestions of tasks that you can give your testers.

Tasks based on the 5700 tests already made on Beta Family.

task 2

2. Questions - ask your testers!

Our powerful questionnaire engine gives you the power to get answers to your questions. Use our questionnaire template or customize your own.

Take a chance with any questions you wish to try to get answered

3. The testers will come to you!

We will provide you with an awesome page for app testing.
Use it to invite and engage your own testers,
combined with testers from Beta Family!

Invite Beta Family testers! step 3 step 3 and
invite testers
from your networks!

The page makes it super easy to test continuously and get loyal testers and get feedback from your fans. For iOS tests we have direct sync with TestFlight.

task 1

4. DONE! Test report with answers

The results from each test will be sent to you as a test report, answering the questions and tasks that you gave the tester. Read it online, or download it as CSV.

See an example report

After each test the testers are rated, and some times rewarded!

You decide the reward level.